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About the agency


Brandfoster Agency was founded in 2019, by Manon Veldstra. I have always been very interested in fashion, especially in the business side of fashion. I studied at TMO Fashion Business School, where I graduated in 2016. I have learned a lot about the fashion industry during my time at TMO. After my graduation I have worked for multiple fashion brands in different disciplines, because I wanted to have a wide applicable knowledge about the industry. Starting my own fashion agency was my dream, so after several years of working for different brands I decided to start my own agency.

The ultimate goal of Brandfoster Agency is to represent a diversity of sustainable / ethical brands.  With our knowledge of the Dutch fashion industry and our network we are the right partner for brands who are willing to gain ground to the Dutch market.

The focus of this agency is to develop a successful relationship with the brands we represent by selecting the perfect shops to sell their brand. We are a sales agency with a great passion and engagement for selling and spreading the word of our brands. We find the communication with the brands and the retailers very important. Working with us means that we roll out a plan to conquer the Dutch fashion market in close consultation with the brand. Openness and transparency is VERY important to us.

If you would like us to represent your brand in The Netherlands, please contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.