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About Solid Crafts

Solid organizes your tailor-made production of high-quality fashion anddeco items from our workshops in Peru, India and Kenya. 

Every product handmade for you

◆ is of high quality. Skilled women preserving their traditional cultural heritage make your product. They are assisted and coached by Solid to meet your standards.
◆ comes with a fair price. You are being offered the best quality yarns, and products produced through fairly paid labour.
◆ Super easy to work with: Solid takes care of sales, sampling, a track-and-trace system to the woman who made the product and the logistic organization from raw material to delivery at your door.

◆ has a real social impact. By manufacturing or buying from Solid, your company will

become an example of responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship.


The artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world, and it particularly employs a lot of women. Therefore, it has a huge potential for positive change, which Solid have set in motion by giving skilled women a safe and fair workplace.


Whole communities can change when women from disadvantaged neighbourhoods

are offered employment with fair wages. The women become more confident in their talents and their self-worth, their children will be raised by a strong and empowered woman, and the whole family will benefit from the extra income.

All business with Solid creates a purpose and a source for pride for these women, while making a difference to their families. 

The products you can sell to your customers are one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, high quality and made with real personality. Along with each product comes the unique story of the strong woman who made it; not only will your customer get a standout new piece, but they will know the purchase has made a positive change in the world.